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  • Chris
  • IIW President 2018/2019

My hope for the theme is to encourage our members to educate themselves on Inner Wheel. By examining, honouring and learning from our Inner Wheel heritage, we can use this knowledge to ensure our growth, individually and collectively, and to enable Inner Wheel to participate more confidently and successfully.
It is with this empowerment and support that Inner Wheel will further grow, evolving to adapt to the needs of today’s members and modern society.
When everyone moves forward, evolving positively together, great success will follow.

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Inner Wheel Club District 95 Egypt & Jordan



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Egypt & Jordan

``Mrs Laila El Aswad`` National Representative

Every Year, the achievements of the Inner Wheel Clubs of Egypt & Jordan (30 clubs) are warmly remembered.

``Mrs Dina Ghorab`` Chairman of IW D95

It is a great honour and privilege to be the Chairman of District 95 Egypt & Jordan for the year 2018/2019 and I am overwhelmed by the warmth of your good wishes.

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