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With my Theme of “Together we can” – I want you to join with me and show the world that, by being an Inner Wheel Member, together we can achieve our dreams and help others to achieve theirs, whilst enjoying friendships in our Clubs and with 110,000 other Members across the globe.


Let us be proud of our heritage and what our founder Margarette Golding achieved for Inner Wheel in the early days. Nearly 100 years later, we have to continue to inspire other women to join Inner Wheel by being Innovative in our efforts in this ever changing world. Let us prove that whatever the size of your Inner Wheel Club, or wherever you are in the world, together we can support each other in our projects, both in our own communities and internationally. Let us prove that 110,000 Inspirational and Innovative women in Inner Wheel together can achieve so much.


St Francis of Assisi once said “Start by doing what is necessary, then do what is possible and suddenly you are doing the impossible”. On behalf of all those that you probably have never seen but have assisted by doing the impossible over the years, may I say a very big thank you to you all.


Let us reinforce how small the world is and how successful International Inner Wheel is in holding hands around the world whilst leaving footprints for others to follow.


Alone we achieve so little – but in Inner Wheel – Together we can achieve so much.


International Inner Wheel      110,000 Inspirational Innovative Women

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Inner Wheel Club District 95 Egypt & Jordan



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Egypt & Jordan

``Mrs Laila El Aswad`` National Representative

Dear IIW members and friends , I am proud to be part of this distinguished International Organization and to work together under The IIW President Mrs. Phylis Charter theme of this year”Together we can”

``Suzan Kilani ElTayeh`` Chairman of IWD 95 Egypt & Jordan

Dear Inner Wheel members of District 95 Egypt and Jordan It gives me great pleasure and honor to be elected as District Chairmain for the coming year 2019/2020.

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