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D95 Chairman Meeting with IWCs to cooperate for a Mega Project (Homeless Children)
On October 4, 2017, District 95 Egypt and Jordan’s Chairman Mrs. Samia Hatata and National Representative Mrs. Suzan Samaha moderated a meeting between the Inner Wheel Club members of Egypt and “Tahya Misr’s” Project Manager, Mrs. Manal Shaheen.
During the meeting, Mrs. Shaheen presented and discussed the multiple ways in which the Inner Wheel Clubs could work with “Tahya Misr,” such as supporting the orphanage system as an institution and/or enhancing the orphanage system’s mobile units.
All participants from 17 clubs who attended the meeting expressed their sincere excitement and intention to support and promote “Tahya Misr” program to eliminate or reduce the number of homeless children in Egypt. This program was initiated by District 95’s chairman , Mrs Samia Hatata during the board meeting with IW club presidents, secretaries and treasurers from Egypt and Jordan on September 16, 2017 in Alexandria.. She referred to it as the ‘Homeless Children’ national project.
Furthermore, National Representative Suzan Samaha demonstrated the various ways in which the Inner Wheel Clubs can help and support “Tahya Misr” program and drive it towards success.
Step by step, all efforts would work towards eradicating a great social problem and fall in line with this year’s logo – “leave a lasting legacy.”
Warm regards,
Rula Hawi
District Editor