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The launch of the year 2017 as the year of the Egyptian women an idea adopted by Egyptian President Al-Sisi, has encouraged IWC Gezira D95 Egypt &Jordan President Gilan Ghoneim and club members to be part of what can positively affect egyptian women lives and subsequently their families. We worked on arranging a big charity event to raise funds in favor of a Mega National project “Bashayer El Kheir 3” also sponsered by a major National Bank “Banque Misr” . The project of a housing nature aims to develop 7000 apartment with discent living conditions to move low income citizens to a much better living environment. The event was successfully launched on October 29th,2017 at Egyptian Opera House and attended by D95 Egypt & Jordan board members together with distinguished guests and a large number of people. IWC Gezira members are determined to be always active in their contribution to the society believing in “leaving a lasting legacy” .