Novelist Ahmed Murad Seminar by Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek

On Monday, 26/11/2018, Inner Wheel Club of Zamalek under the presidency of Mrs. Ma’aali organized at the Cultural Salon of Le Pacha Boat Al-Basha organized by the club periodically a seminar for the writer, novelist and creative scenarist Ahmed Murad. Where he talked about his career and the production of his novels and films including Vertigo, Diamond Dust, the Blue Elephant, Deer Hunting Season, Ard al‑Ilah and1919, in the presence of the board of directors, Mrs. Samia Abu El Fotouh, Mrs. Nelly Helmi, Mrs. Iman Abd El Latif, Mrs. Nadia Abu El Ela, Mrs. Hanan Sabri, Mrs. Rrora Mohi El din, Mrs. Sanaa Eid, Mrs. Hoda Malash, Mrs. Amina Abu El Dahab and Mrs. Tahani Zaher with the participation of a selection of the club members and the other Inner Wheel Clubs reached to 50 participation.