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  • Laila el Aswad
Laila el Aswad - Egypt

Deputy National Representative

  • Dina Ghorab
Dina Ghorab - Egypt

District Vice Chairman from Egypt

Dear IW Friends

Wealth and luxury are not the means of happiness. It is in giving to others and lending a helping hand to those in need that you find is true happiness.

The Inner Wheel provides such a mean, and I am proud to be a part of this charity organization  and  a member in District 95 Egypt & Jordan Board Director Committe for the year 2017/2018 which is based mainly on friendship and serving one’s community in every way.

Let us all continue to work as one, to put our IIW President Dr. Kapila’s  Theme of this year 2017/2018  which has a great meaning in  continuation and efficiency.

“ Leave A Lasting Legacy’’

Wish all 32 Inner Wheel Clubs Egypt and Jordan the best of luck..
Best Regards

Dina Ghorab

Vice Chairman (Egypt)

D95 Egypt & Jordan


  • Noha Shenoda
Noha Shenoda - Jordan

District Vice Chairman from Jordan

  • Awatef el Nacharty
Awatef el Nacharty - Egypt

Past Chairman district 95 2017/2018

I am extremely proud to be part of the Inner Wheel Organization as I was honoured to be the Chairman of District 95 Egypt & Jordan for the year 2016/2017.
My pleasure was to gather all IW clubs’ members in Egypt & Jordan (32 clubs) working together with sprit of true friendship with happiness and love under the theme “Touch a Heart ” serving the people needs , poor children orphans and ensure that our giving , helping, providing the suitable and sustainability projects for the privilege in our country. Also, selected charity projects, donations, good attitude to educate the orphans, provide ‘’ A glass of clean water for healthy Children’’, and secure a safe life for them.
Now, as I am Past Chairman and Consultant in District 95 board 2017/2018 under the new theme of this year “Leave a lasting legacy “, I wish for the Chairman Mrs Samia Hatata and all district members which I am part of them, a great success with full of love and true friendship.


Sincere Wishes


Dr. Awatef Nacharty

Past Chairman & consultant

District 95 Egypt & Jordan


  • Azza el Mofty
Azza el Mofty - Egypt

Honorary Secretary

Inner Wheel Clubs District 95 Egypt & Jordan have a long honorable history in volunteer work. Their activities extended to include all aspects that positively affect our community. Inner Wheel Clubs in Egypt are seeking to play an increasing role and to have more effective participation in matters of concern to our society, believing that they are capable of “Leaving a Lasting Legacy”, as a beacon of guidance for future generations, just as reflected by this year’s slogan.


Azza El Mofty

Honorary Board Secretary 2017/18

Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan

  • Kamla tawfik
Kamla tawfik - Egypt


It is with great pleasure that I serve this year as the Innerwheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan Treasurer .
The Innerwheel organization has given me , through the past years , the opportunity to serve our community , to improve and touch lives in so many beautiful ways and also the opportunity to make long lasting friendships.
Looking forward to new avenues of service , to new hopes , looking forward to ‘Leave a lasting legacy ‘
Kamla Tawfik

Treasurer 2017/2018

District 95 Egypt & Jordan

  • Afaf Maged
Afaf Maged - Egypt

Extension Organizer

  • Randa El Matbouly
Randa El Matbouly - Egypt

International Service Organizer

It is a great honor for me to share with you a new year as the Inner Wheel District 95 organizer for the third year. This honor comes from my appreciation of this noble organization and its responsibility to manage and oversee relations between all clubs of District 95 to maximize the benefits of each club’s various activities. The theme of this year, “Leave A Lasting Legacy,” is a sustainable heritage and the responsibility of us all. The message is not a phrase we read, but an act dictated by our values that will help guide and encourage us to continue this year’s activities and projects for years to come.





Randa Elmatbouly

International Service Organizer

District 95 Egypt & Jordan


  • Rola Hawy
Rula Hawi - Jordan


Serving the community through the Inner Wheel Organization has been my pleasure and pride over the last 7 years. My dedication began as I decided to take up several positions within my local club – Inner Wheel Club (IWC) of Amman, Petra – which has now led me to join IW District 95 Egypt and Jordan board as ‘District Editor’ in 2017. All throughout this journey, I have honed my ability to properly serve society while simultaneously making friendships that I cherish dearly.


As a young girl, I was brought up and taught to give back to the world I’m living in. Today, I am thankful to the Inner Wheel Organization because it has given me the opportunity, tools, guidance and vision to pursue that lifestyle. Therefore, I continue to look forward to working with new friends and fellow members of IWC’s District 95 Egypt & Jordan to spread and promote our joint goal to “leave a lasting legacy.”


Rula Hawi


District 95 Egypt & Jordan


  • Hanaa el Sadat
Hanaa el Sadat - Egypt

Web Master & Media

Dear Inner Wheel Friends,
It is with great pleasure that I thank you for the opportunity which you gave me to  serve at  Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan as  a Web Master /Media in the Board Committee for the year 2017/2018.
Communication is a very important tool for any organization.
My duty  is  to focus  on our News and  Social Projects to link  between our Inner Wheel Clubs in District 95 Egypt  and Jordan (32 clubs) and the International Inner Wheel Web Site, in order to boost friendship  creating a Happier Future, Better Lives across the world.
Further, Web site and Social Media are the effective and   meaningful tools that keep lines of communication open and ensure that  friends and fellows stay connected and updated.
We  remain true to Objectives of IIW:
– To Promote True Friendship.
– To Encourage Ideals of Personal Services.
– To Foster International Understanding.

If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to contact me:
e-mail :hanaaelsadat60@gmail.com

mobile: 02/0100-100-8442
Wish you all the best in serving ,helping and put a smile on the faces of all needed persons in our society, to ensure  that we fulfil  the Theme of this year 2017/2018
‘’Leave a Lasting Legacy’’
Best Regards
Hanaa Elsadat

Web Master/Media

District 95 Egypt & Jordan