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  • Dina Ghorab
Dina Ghorab

Chairman of Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan 2018/2019

Dear Friends and Colleagues;
It is a great honour and privilege to be the Chairman of District 95 Egypt & Jordan for the year 2018/2019 and I am overwhelmed by the warmth of your good wishes.
I am glad and greatful that our IIW President Christine Kirby, Theme ‘’EMPOWER AND EVOLVE’’ for 2018/2019 and “ women and Girls” which is the IIW Global Clubs’ projects for the coming three years 2018-2021 will support women and girls for a better life.
Children are the world’s future and there are so many ways that we can support them, from health checks and hospital care to every aspect of education, especially for those from poverty stricken families and children’s homes.
Please try to give your time with both practical and professional help as well as financial assistance whenever possible.
We have to teach needed women and encourage to develop skills which enable them to enter the work place and they are then able to support their families.
Also, I would like Inner Wheel members in all IWCs in D95 Egypt and Jordan to support health camps , and organize medical care provided for those in desperate need.
Also, help and support mentally and physically handicapped of all ages and the elderly who has to be cared for in every possible way.
I have been impressed with the wonderful work that you have done in previous years, endeavour to do your best to help whether it be with long or short term assistance and I cannot thank you enough for all your endeavours – you really do lead the way by looking beyond yourselves to care, share and give.
I wish you many happy years in Inner Wheel FREINDSHIP and SERVICE together with every success in all that you do in the name of Inner Wheel.
In sincere Inner Wheel Friendship
Dina Ghorab
Chairman of D95 Egypt and Jordan 2018/2019