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  • Samia Hatata
Samia Hatata

Chairman of Inner Wheel District 95 Egypt & Jordan 2017/2018

Dear Inner Wheel Friends,
Greetings from Egypt, as the Chairman of District 95 Egypt & Jordan for the Inner Wheel year 2017/2018, I just wanted to introduce myself while wishing all of you, a very successful Inner Wheel year full of positive work, fruitful projects, full of friendship and love.
I hope that we will join hands this year, working harder than ever, in true Inner Wheel tradition, living up to a lasting legacy and towards the years to come, following the lead of our predecessors.
Our Mega Project for this year is geared towards homeless children in Egypt. Currently, we are studying the different ways in which Inner Wheel clubs can better help them by providing health, supporting their education as well as lending a hand in different related social matters; and to that end, I am happy to announce that almost all twenty-nine clubs in Egypt have agreed to participate in this national undertaking.
As some of you know, we Egyptians often say “Tahyia Misr” which means “long live Egypt”, in our endeavor to realize a better life, for the homeless in the community which we serve, we will be realizing that very saying. Let us put our hands together, to give these children hope. Let us support
” Tahyia Misr” in our heart and in our service.
I look forward to meeting you all very soon. Until then, please accept my sincerest regards.
Samyia Hatata
Chairman of District 95
Egypt and Jordan