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  • Beatrice Kraemer Andreotti
Beatrice Kraemer Andreotti


I became a member of Inner Wheel in 2001 as a cofounder of the Inner Wheel Club Ticino. I always accepted to take up different positions of responsibility, initially at Club, then District and later on National level. This allowed me to obtain experience and knowledge of our international organisation. It allowed me to meet and work alongside members from all over the world who share the same ideals.
I believe that only working together and going all along the same way we can create a strong, modern and global Inner Wheel, able to ensure friendship, service and international understanding for us and for our new generations.
Through my personal engagement I hope to achieve the best results for our worldwide organisation.

  • Christine Berggren
Christine Berggren


I am proud to be a member of IW and my 25 years has enrich my life. Working in the clubs and with organizations around the world has broad my horizon. In my profession as HR-social worker, I am use to teamwork, listening and to give respect.
I have been responsible for several projects as “Drug Detector Dogs”, “IW-Doctor” for women in the world and “Silvia nurse”, where nurses have training in dementia care. I have organized and been responsible for the “Nordic Meeting” 2013 and the “European Meeting” 2014. I have served as Board Director 2014-2015. I took part in discussions in the Governing Board Meetings and served at the Convention in Copenhagen. I had the pleasure to work with members and found, that our work is always characterized by joyfulness and participation worldwide.
I am deeply committed in “Violence against Women and Children”. I have since 2012 written articles and sent to clubs worldwide. I have given lectures at European Meetings, recently September 2015 and at several clubs in Sweden.
As Board Director my vision is to support and help women and children worldwide to have a life without violence. It also includes to educate women and childrenWith education I believe women will be stronger and able to find ways to a good and new life. We also need to continue to help countries with non-districted Clubs as well as supporting them. We need to grow and to help each other and together we can do it.

  • Diane Patchett
Diane Patchett

New Zealand

Inner Wheel has continued to be a part of my life since 1989.  During these years I initiated service opportunities supporting projects locally, nationally and internationally and held leadership roles at club, District and National Governing Body Level.
I have been an educator for 40 years, teaching primary students until 15 years ago before moving from classroom teaching to Deputy Principal of a large urban school.  Teaching, together with elected positions on school, Inner Wheel and sports boards, has offered experience in strategic and financial planning, governance, people management and the use of technology.
The values and objects of Inner Wheel are increasingly more relevant today as we continue to be a part of a rapidly changing world.  This transformation is exciting as it provides opportunities to share success and work collaboratively on a global stage. The use of modern technology allows engagement with a wider and younger audience.
The International Governing Body is able to combine the experiences of many of our leaders to recommend future direction and guidance about how we continue to grow the Inner Wheel brand.  A brand linked with service, friendship and leadership for women from all walks of life.
I would be very keen to, and believe I have the necessary skills in governance, leadership and modern communication, to work alongside Inner Wheel leaders from around the world in furthering a vision for our future.

  • Gabriele Schruempf
Gabriele Schruempf

Austria & Czech Republic

Ever since I joined Inner Wheel (IW) in 1999, I have been impressed by its principles of friendship, service and international understanding. Participation in the European Meeting (EM) in Tampere/Finland in 2009 was a big turning point in my IW-life.  For the first time, I experienced IW’s international dimension.  I was deeply impressed by the friendship and commitment of my fellow participants.
I also realised the importance of retaining and recruiting members. I initiated preparations for a second Club in Graz. It was chartered in March 2012.  I then spoke about “Retention and Extension” at the Convention in Istanbul in April 2012.
However, after nearly 30 years, the Austrian clubs still did not have a District. Together with an experienced IW friend, I organized an EM in Graz in September 2012, to introduce our members to Inner Wheel’s international dimension. In October 2012 the majority of Clubs decided in favour of a District. In June 2015 the first IWC in the Czech Republic joined our District 192.
I had long been intrigued by the strength of IW in India.  To understand the reasons for this better, I have attended three of their national/regional conferences.
This year (2016/17) I am privileged to have been chosen as Austria’s first National Representative.
In view of my intensive experience of national and international IW, I now feel equipped to serve IIW in the position of a Board Director.  I want to promote and support the friendship between India and Europe, because going hand in hand together, will be our future.

  • Helene Torkilsden
Helene Torkilsden


Since 1987, I have been a member of the organisation IIW. My first meeting with IIW was attending the Convention in Stavanger May 1988. As a new member many areas were unknown, but to experience a meeting with 2500 participating IW-women from all over the world, was exciting. Business session, discussions, seminars and enjoyable social events, all together showed a unique international organisation. A Lifetime membership has given me possibility to take part of a network of worldwide friendship. Through different positions in the IW, attending Conventions, international and national meetings, club activities at the same time working as a dentist in my own private practice, I have developed leadership, teamwork and communication skills. But above all, IW has given me a community based on friendship, support and love. Everything based on the three aims: Promote True Friendship, Encourage the Ideals of Personal Service and Foster International Understanding. I think close cooperation and working together could encourage fellow clubs and members to become more visible IW members. Objectives should change IW to an attractive organisation, especially towards younger women. Promoting the benefits for all, showing that IW is the largest women organisation in the world. Members learn from each other, and share our talents. IW gives guidance, care and opportunity to work among people who need care and friendship. Engagements are highly needed in a troubled world, where life and daily activity changes quickly. Many areas are uncertain. The goal of Inner Wheel should be an important organisation worldwide.

  • Janet Dionigi
Janet Dionigi


International Inner Wheel is one of the largest women’s service organisations in the world.  For more than 93 years, our guiding objectives have been the foundation upon which our tradition stands.
When I joined Inner Wheel in 1993, I committed myself to serve efficiently, contribute positively and participate actively with enthusiasm as part of a wonderful global network of friendship embracing 103 countries.
Using the expertise gained at Club, District and National level, we develop the leadership, teamwork and communication skills necessary to undertake the responsibilities of being an IIW Board Director.
My mission as an IIW Board Director is to apply this unique opportunity to work with dedication and harmony as a team member towards strengthening international links with the assigned Non-Districted Clubs, promoting the ideals and future growth of IIW, fostering innovation and supporting effective communication in order to enhance the Inner Wheel profile worldwide as a dynamic organisation.
We share common values and mutual respect.  The vision for the future is to inspire hope and advance world understanding, goodwill and peace through members united in the ideal of service.
It would be an honour for me to serve a further year for the position of Board Director and to represent the interests of all Inner Wheel members throughout the world.

  • Kay Morland
Kay Morland


I am excited by the future possibilities of Inner Wheel however I believe that at this point in time we should be focusing on identifying ways to arrest dwindling membership.
As an organisation we have so much to offer women and we need to investigate ways to showcase Inner Wheel to the next generation of potential members so that they may have the opportunity to experience the friendship, joy, satisfaction and fulfilment that working together in IW and contributing to community brings.
As our membership ages and members slip away, so will our organisation unless we position ourselves as a vibrant and relevant option for women looking for a way to become involved in and give back to their communities.
There is no magic wand that is going to bring new members, there is work to do at every level, workshops, think-tanks etc. need to be held to identify strategies. We have to promote the amazing things members do worldwide, get the IW message out there, tell women who we are, invite them along to functions, show them the fun and enjoyment that can be theirs with IW membership. Make them aware that IW membership is a passport to a world of friends in over 100 countries all across this planet and it could be theirs.
I am passionate about this organisation and I believe that it is vital that we take steps now to ensure IW’s continuity for generations of women to come.

  • Lene Kruger Schade
Lene Kruger Schade


It is a great honour for me to have been nominated in my country for election as Board Director.
Inner Wheel is a big part of my life and has been since 2004 when I became a member of Aars Inner Wheel Club, district  44 in Denmark.
I have worked with several items in Inner Wheel and the last 5 years I have been part of the National Council.
As an Inner Wheeler you will experience many exciting things, and an event that I will  always remember, is the Convention in 2015 in Copenhagen
– where I was National Representative in Denmark.
For more than 20 years I have worked with creating better conditions for orphan children,  because they’ve had a hard life. It is very important for me to focus on these children’s needs, as they did not choose to be born .  We can help them to get a respectable life.
Therefore, I hope that I through IIW can help to make  a difference in countries where women and children need help to get make a better life.
My vision is to continue building a dynamic and creative network, with respect for the organisation and the  objectives we advocate.
With respect for each other and each other’s views, perhaps the most important to remember and maintain.”

  • Maija Leena Virta Kangas
Maija Leena Virta Kangas


Today the world needs more and more the Inner Wheel spirit: friendship, service and help.  At the moment hundreds of thousands of people from different countries have had to leave their homes to escape from persecutions, wars or famine.  Also natural disasters and catastrophes such as earthquakes, years of crop failure or damaging storms have shown us recently the need of help in different parts of the world.  Women and children are usually those who suffer most.  As Inner Wheel members it should be our task to help them.


To be able to help those who need it most we must have our own clubs and districts functioning.  That is why we need friendship.  We need that kind of friendship which do not seek its own good but the good of others because we all are equal.  Unselfish work is Inner Wheel work.
I am a retired high school teacher.  I have  been teaching ethics, religion and religions, psychology and history.  I have also lectured about church history at the University of Helsinki.  An Inner Wheel member I have been for 29 years.
It would be an honour to continue as the Board Director for the second year and benefit the organization.
If I would be chosen I would like to carry on the Inner Wheel work on all levels.  My aim is to improve the growth of Inner Wheel and good communications at all levels and add consciousness of us and of our outstanding work.  I am sure that increasing the real Inner Wheel spirit we will achieve even better results in our work

  • Miriam Fisher
Miriam Fisher


My first introduction to Inner wheel was in 1968 when I resided in Malaysia & Singapore for 15 years  with my family.  For the past 22 years, I have been active in Inner Wheel USA at club, District and national levels.  I am committed to uphold the Objectives, the Constitution, and the other traditions of International Inner Wheel
From my experiences gained from living in other countries for extended times—Japan, Canada, Malaysia and Singapore—and travelling to over 50 nations, I feel a close connection to my fellow world citizens.  As a teacher of English to over 20 nationalities, I have learned much and have love for my students and respect for their diversity.  IIW Objective International Understanding I promote at every opportunity via new technology, newsletters, Inner Wheel UN reports, Club, District and National convention visitors, and our IIW Conventions which are our Inner Wheel family Reunions.
Service is an Objective in which Inner Wheel is earnestly working to make Happier Futures/Bettter Lives.  Some of my club’s local projects have been for homeless children, breast cancer patients, disabled seniors, human trafficking, abused women and hospice.  Nationally I serve on the Board of our IW USA Foundation which provides myoelectric upper limbs for children.
I am presently engaged in organizing an Inner Wheel Club at a local University which includes international students to get the younger generation involved for the future of Inner Wheel
The IIW Objective True Friendship is the greatest gift we receive by being an Inner Wheel Sister.  Let us share the joy.

  • Monica Wood
Monica Wood

South Africa

My main objective is for Inner Wheel to retain its individuality and independence whilst maintaining cordiality with Rotary Clubs.  It is sad that these two worldwide organisations are vying for members from the same sources, but Inner Wheel is beneficial in many aspects, finances do play a large part regarding membership especially where both partners become members of Rotary  for instance, whilst Inner wheel is more of a Service organisation with less demands on finance and a  more “hands on” for the benefit of their communities.  Yes funds are needed to support the work of the various charities being undertaken, but by attracting the professional women into our Clubs, they can have contacts within the corporate world which could open doors otherwise closed to us without the necessary contact.
Another aspect which I have become aware of is there are 54 countries in Africa, with  more than 50% of these experiencing very troubled times and within these  troubled countries we only hear about the disasters, the trouble makers, the dictators, but what about the people like you and me; members of Inner Wheel who might feel totally isolated without the support of surrounding countries and I would like to try and motivate the ISO’s to perhaps plan a meeting of District Chairmen within Africa to learn more from each other and entice more members from what would be seen as truly a worldwide successful woman’s organisation.

  • Nina Kalt-Leenslag
Nina Kalt-Leenslag


My motivation is to increase public awareness on what our worldwide organization dies and how we can contribute to our society.  By doing so, I hope to ensure continuation and expanding our international efforts for a better world in an enjoyable and organized way.
To stay successful as an organization, we need to balance between what needs changing and what should remain as is.  One of my goals is to challenge the Inner Wheel members to find innovations, new ideas and practices.  Friendship, Personal service and International understanding are the key words to achieve this goal.
WE CAN BE PROUD THAT Inner wheel does matter in the world.  It is good that we show what Inner Wheel means and achieves.  That we enable people in our area to contribute to the realization of out Mission “Happier Futures, Better Lives.”
I became a member of Inner Wheel in 1997.  During my role as president of my club, my District as well as my country (The Netherlands) I’ve learned the value of our worldwide organization and become involved with the mission.  As Chairman of the Extension Committee, I currently work, in close cooperation with our districts, to extend the membership of the clubs and to establish new clubs.
Inspired by visiting the European Meetings and the IIW Conventions I’m strongly motivated.  I work in several organisations (health sector), but Inner Wheel is my passion.

  • Pearl Jai Mohan
Pearl Jai Mohan

Malaysia & Singapore

Every child has the right to learn to read and write, enjoy safe, healthy learning environments and make informed decisions that impact their lives. Education is the most precious tool for people in developing nations to overcome poverty and I appeal to all members of International Inner Wheel to support this belief and to engage in the commitment to promote education for peace and development. Promotion through community outreach programmes can contribute to getting children and youth motivated about their education, improving their performances and teaching them vital life skills.
The knowledge and skills of healthcare and food security is important to create healthy learning environments. A lack of food security is responsible for malnutrition and other hunger-related diseases continuing to claim the lives of children and families living in poverty or displaced through wars. We can demonstrate our love through water and health projects and medical care services. Starting with a gift of vegetable seeds or providing a starting set of poultry can provide families with a steady supply of nutritious food for families and be a useful starting point for us.
Let us sacrifice a little today so that children can have a better tomorrow. No sacrifice is too big if children around the world are able to build a brighter future for them. Every member of the International Inner Wheel can and should serve the international community through supporting educational and health projects of similar nature.

  • Sissy Avgerinou
Sissy Avgerinou


I joined Inner Wheel as Charter Secretary about 23 years ago, at the age of 27 being a second generation member and the youngest one in my country, Inner Wheel became soon a significant part of my life.  I worked with dedication and enthusiasm, served in all the offices at Club District and national level and participated in International Conventions and European Meetings.
Through service, teamwork, cooperation and friendship and international understanding, I gained qualities that defined my life (personal, social and professional).  I feel I owe a lot to our organization.  When I was honoured with the highest District offices, I had the opportunity to transmit my experience to other young women.  Today that I am not so young I am happy that almost all clubs in my country have a lot of young and 2nd (even 3rd) generation members.
If I was honoured to serve as International Board Director my biggest desire would be to help IIW Executive Committee in the fields of Extension, retention, New Generation Club’s formation and Communication with n/d Clubs.
In the future I dream to see our organization as leader in Women’s Organisations.  There are numerous women’s issues and many of them still remain unsolved.  Women need our help.
In our divided world with such contemporary problems as refugees crisis or terrorism, we should display, IW example: a world network of friendship, international understanding, respect to diversity, team spirit. Modern world needs such an example

  • Stefani Roeders Arnold
Stefani Roeders Arnold


I am 61 years old and have been married for 35 years. We have two sons and one daughter aged 31, 18 and 28 years. I have studied law and worked many years in a law firm.
It is 23 years ago that I joined Inner Wheel. I am the founding Vice President of our Club and since that time I have held several functions at my club and my district as well for Inner Wheel Germany in two years as National Representative. Those have been very intense years in an Inner Wheel-country with seven districts, more than 8500 members and without an National Council. In 2014 and 2015 I had the great pleasure of being a participant at the European Meetings in Malmö and Bristol.
The grand idea of Inner Wheel – to be connected in friendship and to give help to others –  I had chosen as motto during my two years as District Chairman. It has contributed to giving me an insight of national and international problems – and pleasures and to seeing the human being in the foreground.
In this rapidly changing world it is of growing importance to maintain the social basic values and to promote these. With respect to the actual geopolitical situation the support of women and children and their education is of increasing need. Our organization with all its members takes responsibility to promote this development in an exemplary way getting over boundaries and cultural borderlines and I would take much pleasure in supporting the board’s future related efforts and strengthening international relations.

  • Thelma Pacsoo
Thelma Pacsoo

GB & I

From Childhood, the ethos of my life was encouraged to be “caring and sharing” which equates perfectly with “friendship and service”.
To be elected IIW Board Director is an honour and a privilege and if re-elected, I would aim to build on the knowledge gained this current year, while utilising the experiences that membership of Inner Wheel for more than 30 years has given me and working with the Executive and other Board Directors, accept each challenge that arises, endeavouring to make a positive contribution to the furtherance of Inner Wheel.
Our ever changing world challenges us continually to think outside the box, not least in our efforts to increase membership and improve public awareness of all we stand for.
I am convinced that”the promotion of true friendship” as our first object was no quirk of fate but a well thought out strategy for a firm foundation from which our other objects flow—working together—in friendship—for the good of others—everywhere
Friendship is the key to both maintenance and development.
Working together across continents we can make a difference