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  • Sandra Neretljakovic
Sandra Neretljakovic


I became an Inner Wheel member in 2009 and since then I am committed to promoting goals of IW.


I deeply believe in women and their power to change the world into a better place. Woman’s mind is her biggest strength, filled with creativity, passion and “out of the box thinking”, capable of doing amazing achievements.


Working in the IW enabled me to collaborate with some great individuals from all over the world. If many positive thinkers come together and pull weight in a positive direction that IW has, we will be able to make a difference. I continuously do my best on promoting our work.


IW has a great vision that many people should know about. Face to face contact is essential for every good relationship, but it is not the only one. Modern technologies such as social platforms and websites are key to spreading our positive message nowadays. We are living in a world that has no boundaries and large distances to cross over, in fact, we are just one click away from one another. Why not use this opportunity?


Social networks and websites are powerful tools of modern technologies that are going to help us in our mission of spreading the IW goals across a larger audience. That is an important task requiring constant efforts which will make as more visible, stronger and united.


Together, we can make the world seem a little bit smaller and borders a little less defined. Every and each one of us has their Inner Wheel story.  I challenge you to say that story out loud and make us more visible as we should be.