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  • Christine Kirby
Vice President

Christine Kirby (Australia)

At the IIW Executive level, I will work collaboratively to maintain good governance and continue to encourage all members to share this ‘secret’ of Inner Wheel, by honouring its past and in the expectation of forging its strong dynamic future. Members remain the key to our success. The biggest challenge we face is to determine how Inner Wheel will thrive towards, and into, its second century.
Information Technology is becoming a massive global enabler for Inner Wheel, a perfect platform to share the vibrancy and diversity of individual members’ and Clubs’ achievements. It is a primary and ongoing information giver. I will encourage the continued evaluation and evolution of IT, including the implementation of developing technology and those methods of communication that will facilitate the advancement of Inner Wheel, by introducing more efficient and effective communication around the world, to raise Inner Wheel’s profile in its local and wider communities, potentially attracting a larger membership base.
I will endeavour to establish better initiatives towards alleviating the isolation of Non Districted Clubs. ND Clubs must feel a greater sense of inclusion, to increase motivation and participate in the wider global sphere of IW.
It is also important to regularly examine the efficacy of IIW’s United Nations participation, to increase its impact, and make its representations more meaningful to the overall membership.
I will encourage IIW to begin establishing foundations towards ensuring that 2024 becomes Inner Wheel’s landmark centenary, as befits our outstanding organization

  • Oluyemisi Alatise
Immediate Past President

Oluyemisi Alatise ( Nigeria )

Inner Wheel has been my way of life and the way to be since I joined the first IW Club in Nigeria in 1978. I have always seen the organisation as a platform for development, an avenue for friendship and an umbrella to serve the less privileged. Every step up to IW office is usually new opportunity to actualise an inner zeal to prove myself. I have made marks in all key offices held, trailing a blaze of success stories for those coming behind to build on. As President of my Club I started the project that still stands as the biggest IW project in Nigeria for lost and found children. As District Chairman I started the Vocational Centre building for training and empowering indigent women. As National Representative dozen of women were empowered, and through “Women for Africa Seminar” I laid a foundation for a strong Microcredit project. Internationally I have made friends, meeting IW members is a passion. As President I intended to strengthen our international understanding, to make IW open door to sincere friendship. In the process of making friends, we serve and bring smile to faces of needy, leaving an indelible mark in the minds of the served. My vision has always been to make members feel at home with fellow members globally, without losing our value of self respect, integrity, sharing love, improving self development and actualisation in the process. I worked to strengthen the hard work and contribution of our Past Presidents and be the pride to our founding mothers.  Touch A Heart.

  • Azhagu Annamalai

Azhagu Annamalai (India)

Inner Wheel is an organisation that has given me a platform to blossom and grow and I definitely owea lot to it.Over 20 years, I have seen our organisation grow, change and yet remain relevant.Taking on leadership at every level, I have done my best to help our Organisation remain responsive and vibrant.With this experience and as a person who strives to accomplish any task given with clarity and commitment, I will be able to contribute to the smooth functioning of the financial matters of International Inner Wheel. Accounts and bookkeeping are a passion with me and I can proudly say that in the years that I wasDistrict Treasurer and association Treasurer, I did a very good job of streamlining many financial processes.I promise to bring in a similar dedication to my role as IIW Treasurer if I am elected.Having travelled widely in India and abroad, I am very exposed to varied thinking and the varied way of functioning around the world.This makes me very sensitiveto problems of the cross section of our members and given my ability of being easyaccess to all, I can confidently say I could be a valuable asset for International Inner wheel.Withtotal belief in our twin objects of friendship and service I measure my life not by the number of years lived, but the quantity of work done and the quality of love shown to others.

  • Phyllis Charter
Constitution Chairman

Phyllis Charter (GB&I)

I am honoured and privileged to serve a second year as Constitution Chairman on the International Inner Wheel Executive Committee, I look forward to working with President Kapila and my Fellow Executive Members.
I know that a busy and interesting year lies ahead with your Proposals already accepted,   any Amendments you wish to make must be received at IIW Office  by 12th October 2017 for the Convention In Melbourne.
I have enjoyed receiving all emails and I now look forward to meeting you in person in Melbourne.
With so much uncertainty in the world around us, the need for Inner Wheel Friendship, Service, and International Understanding is greater than ever, so let us use our Theme “Leave a Lasting Legacy” to reach out to our Members and those beyond our shores.
Please do not hesitate to contact me if I can help in furthering International Inner Wheel.
Phyllis Charter

Constitution Chairman