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  • Phyllis Charter
Vice President

Phyllis Charter (GB&I)

I have been a member of Inner Wheel for 30 years and have served in many offices at Club, District, National and International level experiencing the same bonds of friendship that we all have in our Clubs but with the added colourful enthusiasm that we all bring from around the world.
Serving International Inner Wheel as Constitution Chairman in 2016-17-18 has given me contact with so many Members and Clubs, reinforcing how small the world is and yet how successful International Inner Wheel is in “holding hands around the world whilst leaving footprints for others to follow”.
Inner Wheel is one of the world’s largest women’s service organisations and has successfully grown steadily over the past 93 years. In our ever changing world the Objects of Inner Wheel – “Friendship with Service and International Understanding” are needed more and more.
The use of all the variations of modern communications has brought Inner Wheel members around the world closer together. We must make use of the advantages of world-wide social contact by working with our fellow members in sustaining a modern world and keep Inner Wheel at the forefront – not a well-kept secret.
Membership is the backbone of International Inner Wheel and if given the honour to serve as your Vice President I will not only uphold our Objectives but, with my passion and dedication for Inner Wheel, I will strive to ensure membership retention and continued growth and endorse International Inner Wheel as the global organisation it has become.

  • Kapila Gupta
Immediate Past President

Kapila Gupta  (India)

Soon after hectic busy year as IIWP – now its pleasure to serve as IPP 2018-19.
As IPP it’s my responsibility for extension and Communication,which is in fact in continuity to what I have been doing as President ,talking of membership growth and encouraging communication and I am happy to work on both these .Specially communication in close contact with Editor Sandra ,with whom I have had very good understanding.
Extension –extension is very important & my emphasis specially would be  in countries where extension is needed.
Extension is essential but along with that retention is also very important..Encouraging countries to bring in more younger members, making meeting timings more flexible.

  • Azhagu Annamalai

Azhagu Annamalai (India)

I have been Treasurer at every level of our Organisation and this has helped develop my love  for finance and its nuances.  As the District Treasurer of Inner Wheel District 323 and Association Treasurer for the Inner Wheel clubs in India, I brought about many changes in the accounting process thus enabling an easier way to understand the Credit and Debit of the accounts maintained by the organisation.
It is with great honour I  assumed the post of International Inner Wheel treasurer for the year 2016/17.  I thank each one of you for having bestowed on me the trust as the custodian of the finances of our organisation.  I have thoroughly enjoyed my role, and the interaction that I have had with our members worldwide.
International Inner Wheel has grown by leaps and bounds, adapting to changes in technology and accounting with ease.  I have executed my role with dedication and commitment and I will continue to do so.in the following year too.  The need for dedicated service and attention to detail is a quality I strive to achieve and I am sure to execute all the duties of IIW Treasurer for the coming year with the same attitude.  Inner Wheel has been a passion for me and I have dedicated a lot of time and energy to the cause of Inner Wheel and its growth.  It is not what one has but it is how one uses it that makes a difference in life.

  • Corinne Dalleur
Constitution Chairman

Corinne Dalleur (Belgium & Luxembourg)

It is a great honor and privilege for me to serve as Constitution Chairman of International Inner Wheel, our beautiful and caring organization.
Member of Inner Wheel for 18 years, I have held several functions at Club, District and National level of Inner Wheel in my country. Board Director for two years and participating at Inner Wheel meetings outside my country gave me the opportunity to meet a diversity of members and to work with them. Working together motivates and teaches tolerance.
Tolerance means being able to appreciate and respect the diversity of the others. This diversity which exists in Inner Wheel worldwide is the strength of our organization.
Let’s preserve the values of Inner Wheel while adapting Inner Wheel to today’s world. We all have the same goals. We are all women who want to give a better future to less fortunate people in our society.
It is essential that we actively promote and strengthen Inner Wheel to ensure the future of Inner Wheel by retaining membership and by gaining new members.
Our organization needs a Constitution to go forward. The Constitution covers the fundamental principles, goals and mission of our organization and the way to build an effective group of members. It also allows members and potential members to have a better understanding of what the organization is all about and how it functions. The Constitution gives uniqueness to Inner Wheel.
It is in Friendship and Service that I will help the members to have better understanding and use of our Constitution.