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  • Chris

IIW President 2018/2019

My hope for the theme is to encourage our members to educate themselves on Inner Wheel. By examining, honouring and learning from our Inner Wheel heritage, we can use this knowledge to ensure our growth, individually and collectively, and to enable Inner Wheel to participate more confidently and successfully.
It is with this empowerment and support that Inner Wheel will further grow, evolving to adapt to the needs of today’s members and modern society.
When everyone moves forward, evolving positively together, great success will follow.
A British Philosopher once said “the mind is like a garden; if we plant good seeds we will have a great garden, if we plant poisonous plants, that is what we will reap and if we do not plant anything at all, it will be idle and the weeds will take over”.

  • Empower and Evolve

I hope that, using the 2018-19 Theme, we will all ‘plant good seeds’ to ensure that both Inner Wheel and its members continue to make a difference, and flourish around the world.

The Venus Symbol – Empower and Evolve

The symbol for “woman” or “female” was named after the Goddess Venus and has become the symbol denoting all things female.


The circle, or in our case the wheel, denotes the inclusive nature of our organisation. Here there is no exclusion. All  welcome, and ever-expanding


The cross (added in the 16th century) rests beneath the womb (represented by the circle in the Venus symbol). The location of the cross under the circle indicates all are birthed from an inclusive, loving womb.


On the top half we feel the openness and inclusivity (circle). Yet, on the lower half we experience a narrowing, or a “coming to the crux.” Visually you can see opening and closing, beginnings and endings, in this symbol.


Through the symbol and the theme there is an acknowledgement of the great need for women to change the world through their own empowerment and evolution.