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  • Suzan Samaha
Suzan Samaha


Dear Inner Wheel Friends


Inner Wheel greetings to you all,

 Once again, my gratitude to members who gave me the opportunity to serve as National Representative to District 95 Egypt & Jordan , that have 29 Inner Wheel Clubs in Egypt & 3 Inner Wheel Clubs in Jordan.


We are serving our society through various projects aiming to give a better life to less fortunate people in Egypt & Jordan in the fields of education, health  , women status , senior citizens , childhood,  and environment.

Our goal is to give them better lives, happier future and to do so with mutual understanding between us as members of the largest women’s service organization to emphasize our theme ‘’ Leave A Lasting Legacy’’.


In our District, we are planning to carry out a Mega Project which is helping the ‘’Homeless Children’’ to give them a better opportunity in education, health, and learning skills , so we can really leave a lasting legacy.


Thank you all, looking forward to meet new friends in the coming IIW Convention 2018.

A Big thank you to all  in   IW friendship.


Suzan Samaha

National Representative

District 95 Egypt & Jordan