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The members of District 95 Egypt & Jordan wish to share with Inner friends around the world some of their contributions to their community in the field of medical treatment in the Greater Cairo area for the needy and underprivileged in public facilities. The 1st project:
Children's Cancer Hospital 57357, District 95 Ongoing Joint Project
District 95 joins hands to help make a dream come true; an ongoing project to help realize a better tomorrow for our children with cancer! The Dream of a Better Tomorrow For Our Children, a dream come true.
Through the efforts, enthusiasm and dedication of several Chairpersons, District Committee members, club presidents and members, Inner Wheel Egypt & Jordan joined hands and adopted this national project to help make this dream come true.  For the last few years our members have worked hard to plan a concentrated and active drive to sponsor this hospital and its worthy cause: proper “FREE” treatment for children with cancer. The culmination of our initial drive was our gift to the children of Egypt and the Middle East in the form of our contribution of L.E. 1,152,000, one million one hundred and fifty-two thousand Egyptian Pounds. Our clubs have contributed jointly to a state of the arts Operating Room, 6 chemo-therapy treatment rooms, a fully equipped waiting room, 2 outpatient clinics as well as medical equipment as specified by the hospital administration.
The following clubs donated substantial sums to have a naming opportunity and have recognition plaques at the entrance of each patient or examining room they donated and other clubs smaller sums that went into general treatment rooms:  IWC Nasr City:Emergency examination room, ground floor, 3rd floor, IWC Cairo North: examination room, ground floor, IWC Cairo South: chemo treatment room #10, IWC Guiza: chemo treatment room #9, IWC Garden City: chemo treatment room #1,  IWC Alexandria: large waiting area, 5th floor,  Handing the check to the hospital was not our last association with this national project but rather the beginning of a long road of cooperation. Each year, clubs contribute to the needs of the hospital that is run by a non-profit NGO.  This year, IWC Cairo North donated a substantial sum to be allocated to a new examining room facility in the name of the club.
Feeling the winds of change in the Egyptian Spring of 2011, the CCHE 57357 administration decided that newer, more streamlined Hospital 57357 vision and mission statements were needed while adhering to our initial vision and mission.
Vision: Challenging the frontiers of cure for our kids with cancer by providing the highest standards of care while being an inspiring model of charity.
Mission: Curing We cure kids with cancer for free  regardless of race, creed, or ability to pay with Justice in Quality. Caring Through compassion for children and passion for service we provide cost effective, family centered quality care by our dedicated, motivated, well trained staff.  We take care of our staff as they are the essence of our humanitarian efforts. Learning organization We put knowledge into action by building our processes on evidence based practice through continuous improvement in our learning, training  and exchanging knowledge with other.
Happier Futures and a better tomorrow for our children!